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Service & Maintenance

Fire security systems help monitor your commercial or industrial premises to ensure they are safe and free of fire. While our fire security systems are made with the highest quality materials and manufactured to a high standard, they are bound to wear and tear over time. Even some of the most recognized brands on the market wear out eventually. However, when this does happen, we are always available in the event of an emergency to come and perform maintenance on your fire security system in London. Triple Star Fire and Security is a preferred service provider for all fire alarm systems all over London. We perform planned maintenance to ensure that your schedule runs smoothly as expected, without any interruption. Maintenance services include:

  • Routine checks or planned maintenance
  • Visual checks and monitoring
  • Minor repairs
  • Testing
  • Replacements
  • Spare parts
  • Emergency response
planned maintenance

Planned Maintenance

emergency response

Emergency Response

remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Planned Maintenance

We have maintenance programmes specifically tailored to suit individual needs and requirements. We understand that individual needs vary from one person to another or from one business to another. We can plan to visit your business premises to perform routine maintenance based on planned schedules. We also offer one-off maintenance services for those who need it.

Support with Minimum Disruption

We provide support for both pre-existing fire alarm systems as well as systems installed by us. With the current level of competition worldwide, reliability and convenience has become a critical factor to consider when choosing a service. We therefore ensure that you can focus on your core business with minimum interruption by providing state-of-the-art maintenance services. We are flexible enough to visit your premises when it is most convenient for you.

Emergency Response

As one of London’s leading fire alarm service providers, we strive to ensure that our clients are comfortable. We will go the extra mile to ensure we meet your requirements every time. Our specialists can even work outside of normal business hours. If your fire alarm system begins to malfunction in the middle of the night, do not worry; we can send one of our specialists over to carry out emergency maintenance services. We have an emergency response team who are ready and well-equipped to handle any emergency issues with your fire security system.

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